Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Michael Radyk: Hambidge "Summer Screen" Rock House Hill & Garden Installation Project

For the proposed installation I placed the 3 Summer Screens on the lawn in front of Hambidge's main building Lucinda's Rock House and in the Garden on metal chairs.

For the actual installation 11 stripes, representing the eleven looms used in the weaving shed when Mary Hambidge's studio was active, would be designed and woven.  Each striped textile would be woven in 2 lengths, creating 22 pieces. The width of each textile is 33 inches.  

The project could involve the community or local schools in the design of each panel or the selection of the stripes woven, dividing the 33 inch width into either symmetrical or asymmetrical patterns.

I would invite the community to interact with the pieces by helping in the placement and bringing in their own used or recycled lawn furniture for the garden installation.

The beautiful symmetry of the Rock House's facade makes a terrific backdrop for the glowing stripes.