Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MICHAEL RADYK: Scarf Collections

My woven collection of scarves and shawls that I worked on at Hambidge will be shown at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft show in November. Working on the collections at Hambidge was especially productive, given the uninterrupted studio time and being in a place where weaving had a powerful presence thanks to Mary Hambidge and the weavers of Rabun Gap, more on that later.

The color in this collection of silk stripes was inspired my trip to the Netherlands last May and the many early Mondrian paintings and color rooms at the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague. Also, an incredible exhibition in Amsterdam: Van Gogh and The Colors of The Night.

My new hand embroidered scarves have simpler shapes and are inspired by the trails and roads in and around Hambidge, including Route 246 and the Bratram trail to Highlands, North Carolina.

New materials include twisted merino and hand dyed silk yarns.

New stuctures including corduroy, made from merino and silk.

The fabrics are light weight, airy and ready for wrapping mutiple times.

All the work will be available in November at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show,

November 10-14, 2010

And coming to a museum gift shop near you!