Tuesday, June 22, 2010

UGA Visiting Artist Collaborative Project: Exquisite Patterning or Good Neighbor Patterning with Piper Shepard

In the next two posts I will be presenting the projects with visiting artists and students from my Fabric Manipulation and Material Futures courses at UGA. The first one shown here was with artist and MICA faculty Piper Shepard.

On Monday February 22, 2010 visiting artist Piper Shepard arrived at the University of Georgia in Athens to begin a three day workshop titled:Exquisite Patterning or Good Neighbor Patterning with students. The project engages Fabric Design students in the design, material manipulation, construction and presentation of a piece made from cut gessoed canvas. The final piece was hung in the South Lobby of the Lamar Dodd School of Art new building in April across from the Sock Project presented in the following post.

From Piper Shepard:
In this studio lead activity, we will make a large-scale cut pattern based on the collective contributions of all participants. Here, the sum of the parts is greater than one individual. Based off the idea of the Exquisite Corpse, each person will create a drawing/pattern. These patterns are linked together through collaborating with your neighbors (left and right) in a method of adjoining your work together through drawing and discussion. Once collaborated, merged and joined, the artists will decide on what will be positive and negative space in their artwork. From there, everyone will work to create a large cut pattern or stencil.

In preparation for the workshop, Piper asked everyone to bring their sketchbooks or any paper which has their drawings/doodles on them…the stuff on the margins of paper where you unconsciously draw, or the doodle drawing you create over and over again while sitting in class or on the phone. The students used these drawings as starting points for the cut piece.