Monday, July 12, 2010

Michael Radyk Converstion with Light, Shadow and Stanton Forbes. Hambidge Summer Festival, July 17,2010.

This chair, by Stanton Forbes, dances, captures light, shadow and speaks a unique conversation between craft, design, art and Dynamic Symmetry. I will always remember the moment my conversation with this object began, seeing it covered in dust and light on the porch at Hambidge House. This chair and its material and construction have a presence, unforgettable and haunting. I was told that there were originally three of them. In my imagination I see Mary Hambidge, Stanton Forbes and Jay Hambidge sitting on the chairs having a conversation on its form and function.

Begin your conversation with Hambidge, its grounds, architecture, objects, history and artists at one of their festivals. The next one is July 17, 2010. I will be recreating two of the installations from my residency in and May, as well as two new pieces. or