Sunday, July 18, 2010

Michael Radyk Textile Installations at Hambidge Center for the Arts: Summer Fesival

I was invited to reinstall and present some of the projects I worked on during my residency at Hambidge in May and June. The pieces I presented were at Hambidge House and on the trail to the old pottery shed , along with two new pieces presented on the side of Brena Studio and the garden shed near the Garden Studio.

The textile shown here is a prototype for a proposed project at Eastern States Penitentiary. I call this textile Orange Plastic Prison. The inspiration for this piece is from the orange jump suits worn by prisoners I saw laboring along side a road, juxtaposed by the orange sky setting behind them on my very first day in Georgia.

The large scale version of my cut and manipulated textile Swan Point shown on the side of Brena studio at night. The reflective materials really come alive in the dark, light by the spots from above and the moon.

The piece shown in the morning with the shadows from the surrounding forest.

The Hambidge Summer Festival gave the public the first opportunity to visit the studios, grounds and to talk to the many fellows and current artists, writers and musicians in residence at Hambidge.

For the Hambidge House installation I added to new textiles on either side of the original piece.

The textile Summer Screen installed in a different configuration on the trail to Hambidge House and the pottery shed.