Friday, October 22, 2010

"Sow" exhibited in New Fibers 2010

New Fibers 2010
Fiber Arts Network of Michigan University Art Gallery Eastern Michigan University Ypsilanti, MI October 28 - December 10, 2010

FAN sponsors a biennial
juried exhibition of contemporary fiber art. The fourth biennial New Fibers 2010 is a juried exhibition at the Eastern Michigan University Gallery in Ypsilanti, Michigan, featuring contemporary fiber art in a broad range of forms. Works include textiles rooted in traditional processes and materials, sculpture, conceptual and installation art as well as non-traditional fiber art. Tracy Krumm of the Kansas City Art Institute was the juror.

My series of Jacquard cloths, called “Sickle and Sowed,” are the first cloths where the technique of cut floats was employed. In these textiles I challenged myself to create a sustainable fabric using wool, recycled polyester, polylactic acid and bamboo. The Van Gogh drawings I saw at the Kroller–Muller Museum in the Netherlands and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC informed my own drawings that became the source for the cloths. I was also looking at the images of Millet and other artists of the 19th century who painted farmers planting and sowing seeds.

The first cloth "Sow" has been clipped and shorn as if the growth of threads is a weed like substance, unwanted, pulled and haphazard.