Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Color and Textiles: Rug Weaving

Images from Summer Institute, Color and Textiles: Rug Weaving from KUVA, Kutztown University Visual Arts.


KUTZTOWN UNIVERSITY is pleased to offer an intensive ten day Rug Weaving Workshop.  Students will learn to set up the loom and experiment with a variety of rug making techniques for both flat and pile surfaces. Exploration of a wide range of materials gathered by the student will be encouraged. Students will generate color and pattern solutions for a proposed rug project. Rugs and floor coverings from different cultures, both historical and contemporary, will be shown as examples of how material and design are developed within a cultural and functional context. This will serve as a foundation for students to develop their own vision and sources of inspiration.The course focuses on sample weaving using an array of techniques and ideas. The second week will be devoted to Twill, Tapestry, Pile and weaves.  These weave structures will allow the weaver to explore color and material exploration on the loom.