Monday, May 1, 2017

Group Exhibition: Still Crazy After All These years...30 years in art

My new work for- 
browngrotta arts, 30th Anniversary exhibition.
Green Sow Sow- 2017,Cotton, Jacquard 
52”H x 66”W x 1”D, Full and Detail views 

Michael Radyk’s artwork and explorations with the Jacquard loom begin with research on the floor loom. His recent series, Corduroys, Migrations and Featherworks, brings together several concepts he has been working on in the last five years. “This work draws inspiration and vocabulary from three elements, first, featherworks from Peru and Africa, second, cut corduroy structures from Peter Collingwood’s encyclopedic text, The Techniques of Rug Weaving and third, the concept of migration -- migration of materials, pushed and pulled, cut and manipulated into both two- and three-dimensional forms,” says Radyk. For Green Sow Sow, Radyk had an additional inspiration, resulting from a conversation with Louise Mackie, then-curator of Textiles and Islamic Art at the Cleveland Museum of Art, about fakes and forgeries in the Museum’s collection. “It inspired me to create a ‘forgery’ of my own work by re-imagining in two dimensions a work I had made previously.” 

Sow Sow 
28”h x 32”w x 12”d, Full and Detail views
Mixed Media, woven cut and manipulated corduroy, vinyl coated recycled polyester, fique, feathers, re purposed plastic tape & Jacquard woven textile; wool, milk fiber, recycled polyester